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all athletic injuries

HOUSTON Tim Frazier Wizards Jersey , July 5 (Xinhua) -- Six people were injured at a music festival in the U.S. city of Houston Saturday after someone fired shots into thousands of festival-goers, local media reported.

The shooting happened early Saturday morning when several thousand revelers were partying at the Houston Caribbean Festival, the Houston Chronicle reported.

The event turned violent after someone in the crowd opened fire. Four males were shot wounded, while two females were hurt after being trampled by those rushing to flee.

Youtube videos posted of the shooting showed throngs of guests dancing in a crowded arena and several shots can be heard followed by screams of "get out" and "move."

At least 30 off-duty police officers were reportedly providing security for the party at the time, but they were stationed on the perimeter of the arena.8 Authorities have not released the identities of victims. No arrest has been made. The gunman, identified by some witnesses as an African-American male, remains on the loose.

Hunting is a favorite pastime of many and it is a sport that many people are becoming interested in daily. However, many hunters like to hunt for specific wildlife which have particular hunting seasons. If you are unsure about the hunting season for your particular hunt, then this article should help you to identify specific hunting season dates and locations so that you can plan your next hunting trip around these dates.

These are a few of the general hunting dates for some of your favorite hunts. Deer is a huge hunting season. The deer season lasts from November 1st until December 7th. However, hunting deer with a muzzleloader is from November 1st until November 7th while hunting deer with firearms is open from November 8th until December 7th. If you can get away for a weekend, there is a youth deer hunt from October 25th to October 26th , the last weekend in October. This is a fun pre hunting season challenge.

There is also a youth turkey hunting weekend which kicks off the turkey hunting season. From May 3rd until May 31st, the wild turkey hunting season commences. Later on in the fall, the fall turkey season begins with archery from September 15th to December 15th. If you use a shotgun to hunt turkey with, then the fall season for hunting with shotguns is from October 13th until October 17th. In this case, hunting is only allowed from Monday to Friday and is only available in certain areas of the country. Please check with your hunting range previous to making hunting arrangements.

Black bear hunting starts on September 1st. The closing date to this hunting season is still undetermined because of the method and particular location?s regulation. However, the season usually ends sometime in November, making October the perfect month for black bear hunting.

If you are interested in waterfowl hunting the seasons begins in September and ends sometime in January of the following year. Once again the opening and closing dates for waterfowl hunting differ depending on the zone and the particular waterfowl species. From September 27th until September 28th, there is a youth waterfowl hunting weekend.

Moose hunting season runs from October 18th until October 26th. However, be aware that moose hunting almost always requires a moose hunting permit. For any small game hunting, the season is open from September until March of the following year. As you can see, hunting is available year round. If you have a specific prey then you can find your prey?s particular season. If you are an overall hunter, then you can hunt year round.

Some wise tips for the different hunting seasons include calling ahead to your hunting lodge to make sure that your prey is in season and for how long the season will last from. Then make sure that there is space available at that particular lodge to make a reservation so that you don?t miss out on your prey?s hunting season. You should also verify if a hunting permit is required for the particular hunt you will be going on. This will make your vacation and hunting trip go problem free so that you can relax, enjoy and concentrate on your hunt.

In today’s multitasking society, it’s no surprise that many young athletes often play two or three sports, when not long ago they would have devoted themselves to only one. But gait analysis equipment and motion capture cameras reveal that such athletic devotion can actually inhibit children’s development. The stress on growing bones and joints can result in lifelong injuries and even “ghost pain,” preventing or inhibiting their ability to play the sport later in life.

Coaches and other sports officials have taken notice, and we are likely to see the use of human gait analysis increasingly used on playing fields and training gyms in order to make sure athletes young and old are not injuring themselves through improper repetitive motions. Poor exercise technique is the number one reason for all athletic injuries, and this is truly a shame, as it can so easily be corrected.

Many sports medicine clinics have had at least one motion capture camera in their facility for years, but until recently it was not realized how useful human gait analysis could be for young athletes. As our society continues to place ever higher premiums on competition and high performance, our children are more likely than ever to injure themselves while playing sports. Modern protective equipment also lulls many kids into a false sense of security–they simply do not realize how badly they can be hurt. As a result, repetitive stress injuries among kids have become disturbingly, and unnecessarily, prevalent.

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