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Welcome Home

For much of American history Cheap Baseball Jerseys , California has been the dream of people who wanted to head westward to chase fame and fortune. From today’s aspiring actors and musicians who head to the southern portion seeking stardom to the prospectors and gold miners of the mid-19th century, a home in the Golden State is a way to say that you’ve made it. If you’re contemplating the move, real estate in Piedmont, CA can offer tremendous benefits Cheap Majestic MLB Jerseys , and realtors like the ones at PHA Realty can help make it happen. Here are some of the advantages to living in this community.

The Bay Area in Your Front Yard

The area that has sprung up around San Francisco Bay is one of the most vibrant regions in the United States. The Golden Gate City is a cultural melting pot that’s full of rich history and delicious cuisine from every corner of the globe. The neighboring towns combine to create the technological wonderland known colloquially as the Silicon Valley, which can offer a multitude of job options for those looking to relocate to California. If you’re a nature buff, you aren’t very far from the natural beauty of majestic redwood trees and the dramatic coastline.

Easy Access to Transportation

Frequent traffic jams and ongoing construction can make rush hour in the Bay Area a tricky proposition. The good news about buying real estate in Piedmont, CA is that you have easy access to a convenient mass transit system that can take you to a multitude of destinations Cheap MLB Jerseys Store , which makes this bedroom community a perfect launching point for your daily commute. When it’s time to head out of town for a vacation, you have the ability to choose between three different major international airports, which can give you flexibility with scheduling and fares.

Excellent Schools

If you have a family, you obviously wouldn’t want to move to an area that doesn’t offer top-notch schools Cheap MLB Jerseys Wholesale , and Piedmont has some of the best in the Bay Area. The public school system graduates an extremely high percentage of its students, who then go on to prestigious colleges and universities. In terms of post-secondary education, the world-renowned University of California is right around the corner in the neighboring city of Berkeley, and there are a multitude of other centers of higher learning in the vicinity.

Favorable Zoning

When you make the decision to put down roots in a community Cheap MLB Jerseys From China , you want to know about the development that could potentially spring up around you in the future. Piedmont is largely zoned residential, which means that you won’t have to worry about an unfavorable business opening near your home and lowering the property value. The commercial districts are generally limited to two areas on the western side of town.

Welcome Home

Now that you know a few reasons why it makes sense to buy real estate in Piedmont, CA, isn’t it about time to sit down with a realtor to see what potential properties fit in your budget? Not only will you have a home in one of the most diverse areas of the United States Cheap MLB Jerseys China , but you can take advantage of everything that the Bay Area has to offer.
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