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If there is one characteristic that you can do to make entirely change your play area is by setting up a patio deck. The right place to lay it is by your backdoor. You can settle outside furniture in it such as tables Rafinha Brazil Jersey , chairs and even some lounge chairs to make it more suitable. It is a nice place to be during the warm weather months.

There are many kinds of patio decks that you can choose from. The most preferred nowadays are open and only have the floor area constructed. This is the prefered way for sunbathers. If it gets too hot, you might wish some shades. Using mesh tarps can be a way. That is the perfect shade solution because it keeps you in the cool shade and let the wind refresh you. It should be easily retractable for the cooler days of spring or the early mornings. It is a much cheaper and convenient way to get shade, instead of adding a roof in their patio deck. Mesh tarps are available in multiple colors and styles .

I like to receive guests for a reception on the terrace. There is a lot of room as the kids can play on the grass. It is simple to add a few chairs to accomodate more people. In summer time Philippe Coutinho Brazil Jersey , I always like to be outside and enjoy the weather.

The selection of patio furniture is hard to believe. If you plan to add decorations for it, you can add plants and other type decorative materials such as lights. This can create a specific ambiance.

Building a patio can be done easily. You can lay it yourself if you know about carpentry or you can hire someone to do it for you. Using water resistant treated wood is of the utmost importance so your patio will last for years to come.

Wooden terrace are a sublime place to enjoy warm weather. Having friends and family for teatime around the table will create memories that will last forever. Click on the link if you are planning to build a wood patio. You will find more advices to make it perfect the first time.

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TEHRAN, March 3 (Xinhua) -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech in U.S. Congress Tuesday on a potential agreement on Iran's nuclear issue was a "show full of deception Pele Brazil Jersey ," Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham said.

Netanyahu's speech was the sign of "weakness and isolation" of the radicals in Israel and their attempts to influence the international policies, Afkham was quoted as saying by Iran's Student News Agency (ISNA).

"There is no doubt that global public opinion no longer respects the (Israeli) regime which has killed the children," she said alluding to the Israeli attack on Gaza Strip last year.

The repetitive lies of Netanyahu' about Iran's nuclear program is "boring Paulinho Brazil Jersey ," she said, adding that "Iran's strong will to solve this fabricated crisis" of the country's nuclear issue and its active participation in the nuclear talks with the world major powers have shattered the foundations of Iranophebia in the world.

On Tuesday, the Israeli prime minister told a joint session of U.S. Congress that "We are better off" without a bad deal with Iran.

He claimed that a potential final negotiated deal will make "major concessions" to Iran by leaving it with "a vast nuclear infrastructure" and providing it with "a short break-out time to the bomb Neymar Jr Brazil Jersey ," as well as by lifting all the restrictions on its nuclear program in about a decade.

LAIKIPIA, Kenya, June 10 (Xinhua) -- Kenya's environment ministry, in partnership with conservation lobby groups, on Friday launched a 163 km electric fence project in Laikipia county to reduce human-wildlife conflict.

Both the county government of Laikipia and wildlife campaigners financed the construction of the electric fence at a cost of 875,000 U.S. dollars, mainly to keep elephants away from farms.

Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Judi Wakhungu, presided over the launch of the project in Laikipia county, which hosts a large number of wild animals outside protected areas in Kenya.

Wakhungu said the installation of the electric fence, which could prevent elephants from invading farms, marked a new milestone in conservation of iconic wildlife species.

"The electric fence is extremely important because it is going to mitigate human-wildlife conflict," she said.

She regretted that rapid population growth has led to the shrinking of wildlife habitat as farmers and herders encroach them for their livelihood.

"The declining space for wildlife could overtake poaching as a major threat to these species," said Wakhungu.

Elephants in the meantime cause economic losses to farmers when they step onto their farms, destroying their crops.

Kenya is trying to promote harmonious co-existence between humans and wildlife.

Wakhungu said the fencing project will not only boost wildlife protection but also transform rural livelihoods.

The money for the project was raised during the April 29 inaugural global ivory summit in Kenya that preceded the torching of 105 tons of elephant tusks and 1.3 tons of rhino horns led by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Laikipia county in northern Kenya has been an epicenter of human-wildlife conflict in Kenya for decades.

The county is home to an estimated 6,300 elephants and a significant population of carnivores, birds and rare plant species. Enditem

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