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When planning a European vacation Cheap Travis Konecny Jersey , most likely you will decide to either explore by yourself or go on an organised package tour. Going on a package tour is a good choice if it is your first time to visit a country, as you will benefit from the experience and knowledge of the tour company.

You do though, end up with a tour designed to give you a taste of the country without scratching too much below the surface. This is ideal for your first visit as it allows you to decide where in the future you would like to re-visit.

A good package tour should provide a variety of different experiences so that all tastes are accounted for. This usually involves visiting famous landmarks, buildings, galleries, museums and shows. Add a choice of optional activities into the mix and you have all the ingredients for a successful European package tour.

When choosing a package tour company to book with, make sure you check out all their credentials. Check how long they have been in business, what tour facilities they provide, their tour choices and their backup procedures should things go wrong. It's also worth considering booking a tour direct with companies in the country you plan to visit. Many European countries have successful long established coach tour companies.

It can be a cost effective strategy to just book your flights to the country of your choice and then join up with the tour operator. London is an ideal base for US travelers to pick up a European Coach Tour. Fly over to one of the London airports, stay the night in a hotel and then join up with your coach tour company the following day.

There are numerous coach tour companies in the UK that offer regularly scheduled European tours. Some trips start with a crossing from the port of Dover, England to the port of Calais, France. When in France tours usually head straight to the capital Paris for a one or two night stay. Popular cities often included in European coach tours include, Bruges, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Lucerne, Milan, Rome, Florence and Venice.

A popular choice amongst coach tour operators in the UK is to offer channel crossings via the channel tunnel on board the Eurostar train. The crossing from London to Paris can be less than 3 hours. Taking the ferry would at least double that time, if you took into consideration the journey from London to the departure port.

If you are planning to go on a European vacation on your own, without the backup of a tour company, be sure to allow plenty of time between connecting travel arrangements. A planned 2 hour gap between connections is a good general guide that will allow for some transport delays.

Whatever way you decide to go, whether it's on an organised tour or you prefer to travel on your own. Learning a little about the countries and customs before you go is always a good idea and can actually add to the excitement of your trip. There are many guidebooks, videos and dvd's available for almost all of the European countries. These can really add to your overall vacation experience and help you to better understand the countries you visit.
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Steve Thomas writes about European vacation planning and maintains a website dedicated to European vacations. The website has numerous articles and information on Europe tourism and includes a selection of online travel videos at http:

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Goofy Gadgets

It seems that everyday we have to take on small, boring tasks that we would rather leave for someone else. To spice things up, here are a few weird gadgets that will have you feeling like you've briefly stepped into the future.

Green Lawn Charger

A great solution to charging multiple electronic devices at the same time, the charger station is a gadget that has caught on fast in 2010. However, this invention is a little bit different from other chargers. This lawn charger has a little patch of grass that holds your electronic devices. It can handle smart mobile phones, iPods, cameras, and all sorts of other devices that we use in everyday life. The cables hide under the grass and attach to the base of the station, where an extension cord serves as the power cable.

Disinfection Scanner

While it looks like a standard mobile flip phone, this device can kill. In fact, this disinfection scanner claims to kill upwards of 99% of germs and bacteria. To operate it, all one has to do is open the lid of the UV scanner and wave the nano-UV light over anything that needs disinfection. After about ten seconds, all bacteria and viruses are defeated. This device is ideal for germaphobes or anyone wishing to rid small areas of little critters that may be hiding in pillows, carpets or lingering after a handshake.

LED Umbrella

Have you ever been caught in the rain at night, wishing that you had a light to guide you where you need to go? Well now you can get protection from the rain as well as a light to keep you out of the dark. Get your hands on this weird gadget, and you'll never find yourself fumbling around your purse in a downpour.

Robot Lawnmower

Landscaping has long been a task that takes more effort than many people wish to exert. Along comes an invention that could transform the most mundane of tasks into leisure time well spent. In fact, this robot lawnmower can actually take care of the lawn without the need for any supervision. Of course, in the event that you do want to monitor and control the device, it comes with a state-of-the-art remote control. This robot lawnmower has ultrasonic sensors that stop it from running into anything important. As if that wasn't enough, this smart device knows how to get back to its charging station, or even send its owner a text message in the event of any complications.<.

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