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Fly Fishing in Montana

BEIJING, May 12 (Xinhua) -- For China, there is no way out but to innovate.

Its economic growth has slowed from double-digit rates to single digits. Drivers of growth -- the exports, property sales and manufacturing that have served so well for decades, have waned. Exports, in particular, will never again play the role they did before the global financial crisis.

The crisis and its aftermath have prompted developed nations to rethink their mode of growth, generating strategies such as Industry 4.0 in Germany and Re-industrialization in the United States, all based on new technology.

The new trends in these countries with advanced manufacturing capacities, and mushrooming lower-cost manufacturers in emerging nations have exerted double pressure on China, eroding its global competitiveness.

Meanwhile, China is increasingly aware of the environmental prices it will have to pay if it lingers in the labor- and resource-intensive section of the global manufacturing chain.

Overcoming these challenges while achieving its development goals can only be accomplished through industrial modernization. China is pegging its future prosperity on an economy underpinned by science and technology.

That strategy is to encourage research and development (R&D), the generation of new ideas, and scientific progress. It will support entrepreneurs who take a chance to make new technology and ideas to scale and generate better and cheaper products and services.

Denying the Western stereotype of a hard-working and uncreative "world's factory" that churns out mounds of low-quality goods, China is now closing the gap on innovation.

The country's R&D spending, second only to the United States, grew by more than 11 percent annually during the past three years.

The investment is paying off. China is now home to some of the world's most innovative companies, particularly in the fields of mobile technology, biotechnology and medical services.

Shenzhen-based telecom equipment producer Huawei employs nearly 80,000 R&D employees and spends 10 percent of its annual budget on R&D. The company held its place as the top international patent filer in 2015 and has been charging Apple patent fees.

BGI, also headquartered in Shenzhen, is now one of the world's largest genomics companies. It has sequenced more DNA than any other institutions worldwide and helped cut the cost of sequencing a complete genome.

There are plenty more -- the business model that led Alibaba to retail domination, the development of the world's longest high-speed rail network, the world's highest-elevation railway and the world's fastest supercomputer.

It's true China still lags behind in some ways. The country needs further reforms and better protection of intellectual property rights.

Yet for a country that invented paper, gunpowder and the compass, its ambitions could be realized.

Madison Fishing: Where Zinedine Zidane France Jersey , When and How to Fish

Author: Olga Orlova

These waters are home to a number of game fish species just to name a few rainbow, brook, brown, cutthroat, and lake trout. It is a great place for pationate fishermen and weekend pastime seekers, while Madison fly Fishing opportunities are second to none.

It's actually hard to say what time is perfect for fishing in Yellowstone Park. Every season has something to give with its own style of fishing. All rivers in the park are suitable for fishing in April and it is a perfect season for dry-fly fishermen as the insect hatches are at the peak.

As the number of fishers in the park increases, additional regulations are introduced in Yellowstone, including the opening and closing dates for fishing seasons, catch-and-release areas, and restrictions on the use of boats and baits, as well as on the size and number of fish you can catch according to the species. But these regulations are not meant to prevent you from having a wonderful time but to preserve Yellowstone fly fishing opportunities as well as other features that the park has to offer.

The perfect period for lake fishing is certainly August. The mosquitoes are not too irritating and many lakes are well fishable throughout the month too|.

Apart from the superb fishing opportunities Yellowstone National Park is widely known for its amazing scenery and varied wildlife which is protected by certain regulations that you have to follow. Fishing is a major attraction of the park but as the waters comprise a key part of the ecosystem, the park's regulations are targeted at providing the visitors with recreational fishing opportunities while preserving the native fish species. Ensuring that more generations of fishers are able to enjoy fishing for wild trout in the untouched natural settings maintains the reputation of Yellowstone fly fishing as one of the most exciting experiences a fisherman can have.

In the late season of September an October the Gallatin River is an perfect Yellowstone fly fishing spot. If you are in pursuit of big fish you may to catch it while it is traveling in the river. With the spawn time approaching the trout become aggressive and attack baitfish imitation and other large types of fly.

Whatever destination you choose, Montana fly fishing experience is sure to live up to your expectations. Pack up your gear and set off for new fishing adventures and challenges that await you. We can't promise that you'll catch a monster trout or so many fish that you won't be able to take home, but we can assure you that the fish is there, the rest depends on you.


Fly Fishing in Montana

Montana Fly Fishing

Montana Fishing Report



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