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are no exception

The possible causes of manhood bumps appear to be endless Cheap Orlando Magic Jerseys , so much so that even an expert in member health matters may not know all of them. Take, for example, syringomas. Most men would be forgiven for never having even heard of these little guys, let alone not recognizing them as the cause of anxiety about manhood bumps. So with that in mind, here’s a little information about syringomas.

What they are

According to Wikipedia, syringomas are “harmless eccrine sweat ducts.” (Eccrine, by the way Cheap Philadelphia 76ers Jerseys , means that something is multicellular and retains its cytoplasm when it secretes fluid.) They are typically 1 to 3 mm in diameter, which is pretty small – an inch has about 25 millimeters in it. They tend to be skin-colored or yellowish, round in shape and pretty firm, not a squishy bump.

Although syringomas are more often found in women, men do get them as well. The most common location for them is the eyelid or nearby on the face, but they often show up on the neck, chest Cheap Phoenix Suns Jerseys , scalp, stomach and, of course, the member. When on the manhood, the shaft is favored but the head can sometimes present them as well.

Syringomas usually appear in clusters, as few as two or as many as a dozen or more.


Fortunately, syringomas are essentially benign. Often a person is unaware he has them until he spots them – and that may happen after they have been there for a long while Cheap Portland Trail Blazers Jerseys , especially because they tend to blend into the skin, color-wise. However, some syringomas – those known as “plaque types” – can cause itchiness or irritation.

While syringomas themselves are benign and usually painless, they sometimes show up in conjunction with other conditions or disorders. For example, syringomas are often found in a person with Hailey-Hailey disease, a genetic disorder that causes painful skin blisters. Fortunately, the syringomas and blisters associated with Hailey-Hailey disease rarely appear on the member.

People with diabetes mellitus may also develop syringomas Cheap Sacramento Kings Jerseys , although again they tend to occur elsewhere than on the male organ. With this form of syringoma, the bumps tend to be clearer and contain glycogen, a kind of sugar.

Syringomas are also frequently found in individuals with Down syndrome, as well as in people with several rare genetic disorders.


Because syringomas are benign, most doctors do not recommend treatment; in addition, several forms tend to come and go, so a man may experience these manhood bumps only rarely.

When treatment is required Cheap San Antonio Spurs Jerseys , most therapies focus on removing the bumps themselves rather than on treating the cause, which is difficult to determine. Among the removal methods used are surgical excision, carbon dioxide lasers, and chemical peels. Sometimes topical approaches using retinoids or atropine are tried.

When the syringoma causes itchiness or tenderness, lotions or crèmes are frequently suggested to provide relief.

Whether caused by syringomas or other factors, manhood bumps often cause irritation or itchiness for a man. Frequent topical application of a top drawer member health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help provide some relief. The itchiness and tenderness is often related to dry or unhealthy skin Cheap Toronto Raptors Jerseys , so be sure to select a crème that packs plenty of moisturizing punch. One with both a high-end emollient (such as Shea butter) and a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E) should do the trick. Oxidative stress also affects male organ skin, making it more prone to irritation. Therefore, a crème with a potent antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid is needed. Alpha lipoic acid fights the free radicals that cause oxidative stress.
DHAKA, Aug. 23 (Xinhua) -- Islamic architecture in China is as rich and varied as the great continent of Asia itself.

Styles of ancient Chinese architecture are rich and diverse and include temples, imperial palaces, altars, pavilions Cheap Utah Jazz Jerseys , official residencies and folk houses, which greatly reflect Chinese ancient ideology which prioritizes the harmonious unity of human beings with nature.

Mosques in China are no exception.

The Department of Architecture of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), one of the most prestigious institutions for higher studies in the country, on Tuesday organized an architecture photography exhibition of great and ancient mosques in China.

The exhibition featured a powerful catalogue of striking images that depict various aspects of mosque architecture and introduced its students to the rich and varied architectural history of China.

The images showcased at the exhibition were taken over a period of eight years by Bangladeshi Md Tanveer Raza, a former associate professor of Jiujiang University in China.

Today more than 20,000 mosques in China have become a unique and integral part of Islamic history and culture, Raza said.

Mosques in western China reflect a central Asian influence while in the East there is blending of local Chinese architecture with walled country-yards and archways Cheap Washington Wizards Jerseys , said Raza, also a qualified physician.

Chronologically, he said newer mosques reflect facets of contemporary architecture.

Raza, who now teaches medical science at the University of Tabuk in Saudi Arabia, said he visited at least 60 Chinese cities and towns during his eight-year stay in China.

"I was amazed to see the ancient Chinese-styled mosques," he said.

"I started taking images of ancient Chinese architecture to introduce to people in Bangladesh and elsewhere in the world to the rich and varied architectural history of China."

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