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Gundam SEED Destiny production problems

      I've read online, it seems that the reaction is.. well let's say that first half to two-thirds of the show were decent to good, but the final half to one-thirds, is when the inmates ran the asylum, production-wise. Here's what I've read of:

*Fukuda/Morosawa caving in to fan demand and brought back the SEED crew and shifting the spotlight to them, presumably because at the time, Kira and Lacus were (and probably still are) the most popular characters in the series
*Two words: "Jesus" Yamato
*Too many recap episodes/reused animations/etc.
*Morosawa unable to complete the scripts on time
*Rumors of Morosawa intentionally burying Cagalli's character because she (Morosawa) had a grudge with Cagalli's VA
*Accusations of Kira and Lacus being author avatars of Fukuda and Morosawa, respectively
*Lacus having almost no character development, compared to SEED

How well was it received critically in Japan?

Please help.
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