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Suggestions for PC

I've got a few suggestions:

1. When using the post to forums button after building a P.C. it would be better if each of the headings retained their bold font to save people time re-bolding or leaving spaces between each section.

2. Add the weight of each of the cases to the detailed information section so that people can see how easy or difficult each case would be to carry around if it's something that they’ll need to do with the computer.

3. Maybe add an algorithm to the specification checker to ensure that the version of windows 7 (64 bit) that the user has chosen will support the quantity of R.A.M. selected (home premium doesn't support more than 16GB but you can select 24GB of RAM without any warnings appearing).

4. Not really sure about this one as this isn’t the only website where I’ve found errors but I get an awful lot of HTML errors while configuring a P.C. on my Iphone, I'm not sure how to copy and paste them here though.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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